The Wish Star and the Five Wishes, Part Six – The Girl’s Wish

The Girl’s Wish

‘Wish Star, Wish Star,

Brightly shine

Grant tonight

This wish of mine.

Mothers’ skill and fabric fine

Bring a dress as red as wine.’


At ten o clock on Christmas night Lisette brought her grandmother a cup of tea and a bowl of cold water to dip her fingers in. So many hours of working at the machine was apt to make them warm and tired. The water soothed them.

‘Such beautiful cloth, grandmamma’ Lisette said, stroking the soft velvet. ‘Just like Santa would wear.’

Mrs Porfit smiled and shook out the skirts of the dress she had been sewing so that Lisette could see them. The red velvet hung in soft folds from a pleated waistband. The dress had a sweetheart collar and puffed sleeves finished off with tiny bows on each cuff. Lisette gasped.

‘It’s beautiful, Grandmamma,’ she said. Then she looked at the floor and smiled. ‘Someone will be very grateful to you for making them such a beautiful gown to wear for the Christmas feast.’

Mrs Porfit laughed and gathered Lisette to her in a huge hug. ‘It is for you, you silly goose,’ she cried. ‘The Mayor said I could use all the fabric I wished, and there was enough for this dress for your Christmas outfit.’

Lisette’s face lit up with joy as she marveled at the beautiful dress her grandmamma had made her. She did not see the wish star’s wish sparkling on the neckline, but it was about to work its magic on her too.

‘It is just the colour that Santa Claus would wear,’ Lisette laughed.

Mrs Porfitt looked at Lisette and smiled. She was right. The bright red was just the shade for a suit for a Santa Claus. If only there was someone to play the part. She sighed and told Lisette about the Mayor’s dilemma and the wish star’s wish went to work once more.

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