Author Visits

I offer a number of Author Visit workshops and talks suitable for Ages 6 to 10:


Building a Hero (40 minutes to an hour)

Based around the idea of heroes in Arthur and Me, we look at building a character, giving them unique characteristics. We then take them on an adventure through a collaborative story-building session, showing how the characteristics we give our hero can be used in our story.



Animal Detectives (40 minutes to an hour)Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 14.32.29

Based around the character-building for Max the Detective Cat, this session starts with a short talk about how I developed the characters and story for Max, taking inspiration from my own pets and my experiences in the theatre. We then think about the characteristics of different animals and what character traits make a good detective. We finish by building a new animal detective character and setting them a problem to solve.

Skype Q&A (20 minutes)

I am also happy to do free Q&A sessions for schools, lasting around 20 minutes.