My Books

Arthur and Me (Firefly Press, 2014)

arthurcoverAccident prone Tomos is dreading the school trip, where the awful bullies will pick on him as usual. When he falls down a hole and accidentally wakes the sleeping King Arthur things seem to be looking up. An ancient hero to sort out the bullies for him! But Arthur is not exactly as the history books claimed. He’s nervous, can’t ride a horse and all his knights pick on him. If Tomos is going to solve his problems he’s going to have to help Arthur and that means dealing with twelve grumpy knights, not to mention the dread Chicken of Doom……

Arthur and Me is packed with hilarious illustrations by Peter Stevenson.


Repro_Max_DisappearingDiva_cvr.inddMax the Detective Cat : The Disappearing Diva (Nosy Crow, 2018

Max is a pampered cat, used to the finer things in life, till he finds himself lost on the streets of London. Taking on the job of chief mouser at the Theatre Royal, Max turns detective when he begins to suspect that the famous singer Madame Emerald is hiding a dastardly secret. Soon he is up to his whiskers in his first mystery, dashing across the rooftops of the city in a race to catch a thief……

Max the Detective Cat is beautifully illustrated throughout by Nicola Kinnear. More of Nicola’s work can be found at



Max the Detective Cat : The Phantom Portait (Nosy Crow, September 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 20.16.23The theatre company travel to a country castle for a special Halloween show, but soon the actors are being rattled by ghostly appearances and rumours of a cursed painting. Max is soon on the case, suspicious that the strange happenings have more to do with missing jewels than scary ghouls.





And coming March 2019….

Max the Detective Cat : The Catnap Caper – in which our hero is faced with a Parisian mystery!