Books for Advent 2 – Bear Stays Up

This week I’m cheating a little and recommending two picture books for you – both involving Bears who want to see Santa.

Bear Stays Up by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman is a charming tale of a bear whose friends are determined not to let him sleep through Christmas. The animals are beautifully rendered, with soft fluffy fur you can almost feel and the sweetest faces. The animals keep Bear busy all day, putting up the Christmas tree and baking Christmas treats, all the while trying to stop him from giving in to sleep. They have it all planned out, but Bear has a surprise for them. It’s a beautiful read and a charming tale of friendship and love.

My second bear book is ‘I’ve Seen Santa’, by David Bedford and Tim Warnes. The story in this book will be familiar to anyone with a small child in the house! Little Bear is determined to catch Santa out and keeps sneaking out of bed on Christmas night. He is sure that he hears noises downstairs that must be Santa. All he finds, though, is big Bear drinking Santa’s milk and mince pies and Mummy Bear filling up the stockings. Beautifully illustrated, ‘I’ve Seen Santa’ perfectly captures the excitement of Christmas Eve for a child and the joy that comes from busily preparing for Santa’s visit.


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