World Book Day!!!!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
It’s World Book Day. A day to celebrate the gorgeous thing that is a book.
So what is a book?
It’s a gateway to another world.
It’s an instrument for seeing intimately into the lives of others, sharing their secrets, reading their minds.
It’s a meeting of minds between reader and author, a conversation, sometimes a challenge, sometimes a dance.
It’s a holiday from the mundane.
It’s a chance to travel in space and time.
It’s a way to live other lives, see the world through other’s eyes.

Books are marvellous.

So how should we celebrate World Book Day? Well, here’s a few ideas.
Dress up as your favourite character for work or school.
Review a book you liked on Amazon – take time to think about what you loved about it and share that with others.
Buy a second copy of your favourite book and give it away.
Track down an author whose book you have enjoyed on Twitter and tweet them to say you enjoyed their work. Nothing beats the thrill of hearing that what you have written has touched someone, made them smile, made them laugh, made them cry, made them brave.
Join your local library.
Recommend a book to a friend.
Donate to the National Literacy Trust and help encourage a new generation of readers (
Buy someone a gift that will help children learn to read (some ideas at
Make some time for reading – get yourself a cup of tea, curl up on your favourite chair and enjoy the sheer pleasure of reading.

Happy World Book Day xxxxxx

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