In My Prime

Just before Christmas I had an extremely lucky break.
I was on Twitter when I saw a tweet from a writer called Antonia Honeywell who had just had her first novel (the breathtaking The Ship) published. She had seen yet another ‘hottest writers under 30’ article and wanted to know whether there were any other authors out there who, like her, had had their first novel published over the age of 40. Where were the ‘hottest debuts over 40′ lists? I fired off a quick response and thought that would be it, just a little addition to the interesting debates on Twitter.

Antonia, however, had greater plans. She is a woman of immense energy and boundless warmth. She didn’t just want to find out if we were out there. She wanted to get to know us and get us all to know each other.

So out of the Twitter chat grew a lunch in London. 40 or so debut authors over the age of 40. The energy and joy in the room was brilliant and I left having made a lot of new friends that day. It’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve found support, encouragement, friendship and good advice in the group. I’m looking for an agent at the moment and members have shared their own experiences with me. It’s heartening to hear everyone else’s experiences and I’ve received a ton of great advice.

The ’40s Debut club’ now has a new name – we’re the Prime Writers and we’re growing. You can find us on Twitter at and this week we launched a great new website where you can find more about us We’re a diverse group. We’ve got literary authors, Young Adult authors, Romance authors, Crime writers, Historical Fiction authors and Children’s writers (including me :)).

I will always be thankful that I answered Antonia’s tweet that day. Little did I know that it would lead to so many new experiences and new friendships with so many writers who are in their prime 🙂

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